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Cities Skylines: Tram – Bus – Hub
Download this Tram - Bus - Hub Mod for Cities Skylines – create your city with majestic architecture and work out with individual areas and smallest details in your city of dreams!

22 May 2018

File size:

13.102 MB

Requires DLC:

Cities: Skylines - Snowfall

Requires Mods:

Fine Road Anarchy, Tram Station Track, Station - Display - Props, Transparency LODs Fix

Direct Download:

This mod adds Tram – Bus – Hub to the Cities Skylines.

Authors description: Update
Hello folks. I ´ve done an update to the station. I hope that it worked… if not, please tell me.

– reduced the total tris a little bit
– reduced the amount of subbuildings
– reduced the total file size
– added lights to the tram and bus stop (I forgot that accitentally)
– darkened the tram textures a little bit
– and finally got the bus stops on the right side to work … 🙂
in order to use them, you have to place the stop on to the street and then move it to the desired position at the right side of the bus station. (last 3 preview pictures)

To the asset:

I think that I drove a little bit crazy with this station… 😛 It consists of 12 sub- buildings. Every building has a
custom lod mesh.
The total tis count of everything together is at approximately 17.5 K. The textures varies between 64² to 1024².
The lod textures are between 32² and 256². The lod meshes are arround 100 tris for the buidling and the
tram station. The bus station lod is at arround 300 tris.

Most of the sub- buildings are “glass” buildings. They all have a lod of 2 tris.
Lods are not possible with the rotor shader, so I highly suggest, that you use TBP´s and Rony69`s
Transparency LODs Fix + Cloud Assets Enabler – Mod, to increase the render distance of the normal
After the end of ther render distance of that mod the “normal” lod comes in to play.
Within that normal lod there is specularity so that it seems, as if there is still glass to see from far away.

The station displays are no dependency. The station will work without them.

You have to place it on flat ground, otherwise it can produce weird results.
You`ll find the asset under the bus tab or by searching for tram, bus or hub.

Credits to Ronyx69 for the discovery of the rotor shader ! Thank you … and credits to all the other modders
and content creators. I haven´t figuered out anything myself. I´ve read so much and learned everything
from them…

So, thats it so far. If you made it to this point, then thanks for reading ! 😉

I hope you like the station. 🙂
And if you do so, please give it a thumbs up. 🙂 That would be very much

For further questions and comments use the comment function below the asset.

Wíth best regards … 🙂

How to install this mod: download the archive with Tram – Bus – Hub mod, unpack it and transfer files (mod folder or mod.dll) to the folder C:/Users/USER NAME/AppData/Local/Colossal Order/Cities_Skylines/Addons/Mods/

Note! Unpack Assets (assets.crp) to the Assets folder, Maps to the Maps folder and Color Corrections (colorcorrection.crp) to the ColorCorrections folder.

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