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Cities Skylines: Network Skins (Park Life compatible)
Download this Network Skins (Park Life compatible) Mod for Cities Skylines – create your city with majestic architecture and work out with individual areas and smallest details in your city of dreams!

Cities: Skylines

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28 Oct 2015

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This mod adds Network Skins (Park Life compatible) to the Cities Skylines.

Authors description: The first 2 modules of a network skinning mod:Select the pillars of your bridgesSelect the street lights of your roadsSelect roadside treesThe mod supports roads, train tracks and pedestrian paths. All features can be selected per segment.

Planned Features (Module 3 and 4):Set the distance between street lights/treesCustom road textures (e.g. cobblestone roads, brick roads)Remove power wires of train tracksCustom power lines (e.g. wooden poles)Custom bridge meshes (SC4-like bridge selection)
How it works:Movable customizer window that only pops up when you use the network toolThis mod will only apply visual changes and can be disabled at any time without breaking saves
The mod supports custom street lights created by modellers:

To create your own, look at this tutorial[].

The mod also supports custom pillars created by modellers:

More can be found in the forum thread below the description!

Supported Mods:Network ExtensionsFine Road Heights (It is important that you subscribed to the official workshop item. Outdated versions for offline use are not supported!)Precision EngineeringSharp Junction AnglesNo Pillars (though it sometimes messes up the pillar selection)
Known Incompatibilities]*]Do not subscribe to other mods while your city is loaded. This is known to cause issues with data saving (all Street lights will revert to default)”Vanilla Trees Remover” interferes with the pillar replacement feature
Source Code[]

Using the C# detours code[] created by Sebastian Schöner, released under the MIT license.

Also using the CimTools library[] created by PropaneDragon, the creator of Road Namer.

How to install this mod: download the archive with Network Skins (Park Life compatible) mod, unpack it and transfer files (mod folder or mod.dll) to the folder C:/Users/USER NAME/AppData/Local/Colossal Order/Cities_Skylines/Addons/Mods/

Note! Unpack Assets (assets.crp) to the Assets folder, Maps to the Maps folder and Color Corrections (colorcorrection.crp) to the ColorCorrections folder.

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