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Planet Coaster: Little Snowmann Shop
Download this Little Snowmann Shop Blueprint for Planet Coaster – create the park of your dreams. Work out every detail and create your own Park, which no one has!

5 Dec 2018

File size:

0.015 MB

Requires DLC:

Planet Coaster - Spooky Pack, Planet Coaster - Vintage Pack

This file adds Little Snowmann Shop to the game.

Authors description:

This is a house from the little snowman. They have fun with a snowball fight and slide off the roof withhoops and bags. Indise the house there is a cheef bief shop, but you can use each shop you want.

If you like it and subcribe then don’t forget to rate it, and take a look at my other workshop items. I hope you enjoy, Anigmandra

How to install park or blueprint: unpack the blueprint or park folder from the archive and transfer files to the folder C:/Users/*Username*/Saved Games/Frontier Developments/Planet Coaster/*UserID*/Saves

Start your game and go to the Blueprints menu, choose installed blueprint and place it to the game. If you downloaded a complete park, click Play and then go to the My Parks, where you can choose downloaded park and press Resume.

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