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Planet Zoo: Fallow Deer (Narwhaler Update) – New Species (Updated for 1.7)
Download this Fallow Deer (Narwhaler Update) - New Species (Updated for 1.7) mod for Planet Zoo – create a perfect world of wild animals in this Zoo simulator. Manage the Zoo and carefully recreate comfortable and interesting to live habitat for animals.

Planet Zoo

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Leaf and Narwhaler


16 Mar 2021

Requires Mods:

More Animal Name Languages for Modders

Current Version:


Add the magnificent Fallow Deer – a common staple to walkthrough deer forests and peaceful parks – to Planet Zoo as a standalone species!

Authors description: The fallow deer returns with a brand new look ready to charm your guests the world over! Completely remade by Narwhaler with the following changes:

New models for the adult, female and juvenile with both normal and albino variants. Note: the new models are based on the Pronghorn Antelope, but the animals will still use the enrichment of the Reindeer (reindeer additionally use the large barrel feeder, skittles and large ball).
Corrected social needs (increased herd size to 30 instead of 12), biome (temperate, savannah and taiga) and continent (Asia, Europe) preferences.
Education functionality. The education board doesn’t have a texture, but you can use a custom one instead.
New UI images: total zoopedia image rehaul and thumbnails. Note: the albino thumbnails are still the old version ones, this will be corrected in future updates.

The mod is available in the following languages:
– English
– Spanish (by Narwhaler)
– Portuguese (by Masora157)
– Simple and Traditional Chinese (by Qizza)
– Korean (By 최라딘(arinlover))

The mod will be updated with more languages in the future.

How to install Planet Zoo Mods:

From Steam: To download mods from the Steam Workshop just find something you like and then press Subscribe button. The moment you subscribe to a mod using Steam Workshop, it’s instantly installed into your game.

From Nexus Mods: Once the archive with mod is downloaded, you must find your “ovldata” folder in your Planet Zoo files. Then all you have to do is extract the file of the mod you just downloaded into this ovldata folder.

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